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Wolfspell - reduced

Wolfspell - reduced

Dig A Thousand Holes Publishing

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A prophecy told in your youth dictates that only fang and claw will rend your destiny, so you must be reborn as beast.

By Epidiah Ravachol (Dread)

The tabletop roleplaying game of adventurers who turn to wolf flesh to fulfill a knotted quest. First appearing in issue two of Worlds Without Master, Wolfspell has been reborn now in print as the liner notes of a trifold album cover and illustrated in glorious proggy/metal fashion by Shel Kahn!

You gather with friends and transmogrify yourselves into wolves and place your destiny in the hands of the dice of Wolf and Blood!


  • A trifold album jacket that unfolds into 6 square feet of art and game

  • Various PDF versions optimized for print or screen display

  • No actual record album

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