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Crystal Heart Chapter One: Wild At Heart (Up To 4 Players) - Leisure Games

Crystal Heart Chapter One: Wild At Heart (Up To 4 Players)

Up To 4 Players

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In our world there are teams of Crystal Hunters, agents of the mysterious organization Syn.
We call them… player characters.
They seek to collect the ancient Crystals, which give incredible, inexplicable powers! 
Only if they roll well on their Crystal Channeling skill. 
But in order to harness these powers, a person must sacrifice something dear indeed: their own heart. 
Also, a few build points during character creation.
With their fearsome powers, the agents of Syn travel the Five Lands in a never-ending search for the ancient tombs, forgotten burial mounds and ruined cities, since only within those one might find the mysterious Crystals - hidden behind countless traps, vicious monsters, and ancient curses.
These are the Agents of Syn. Relentless. Heartless. Badass.
Up to Four Players is a weekly webcomic about tabletop gamers and games.

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