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What Ho, World!

UFO Press

  • £15.99

What Ho World! is a light role-playing game of hijinks and shenanigans set in the breezy upper classes of the roaring 20s.

It’s designed to be played over the course of a single session, without needing a GM or any prior preparation. Simply grab the cards, choose an archetype each, and go!

What Ho, World! contains 90 cards:

  • 5 character decks of 9 cards, each with 5 different abilities to choose from and 2 relationships to other characters;
  • 25 Goals for your characters to aim at and Assets to help them get there;
  • 15 locations to visit with story prompts;
  • 5 rules reference cards.

Play time: 90-180 minutes. Players: 3-5. Ages: 13+


  • A roleplaying game that fits in your pocket!
  • No preparation required – just grab a deck and go.
  • Tell a story of 1920s glamour and upper-class farce.

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