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War in the Pacific Expansion Kit

War in the Pacific Expansion Kit

Decision Games

  • £29.99

This extension kit is just that,­ a kit to extend War in the Pacific (second edition) into late 1945 and 1946 making it possible to explore the possibilities of the war continuing without atomic intervention. The kit includes a new counter sheet for planes, ships, and other units scheduled to appear after August 1945. It also includes an additional set of the aircraft counter sheets for a total of five counter sheets, plus two more tactical island maps. The rules and charts booklet covers the additional rules needed to continue the war.


  • 32 Pages booklet
    • rule 74 "War extension: 1946"
    • optional rule 69 "Free Japanese Sub doctrine"
    • optional rule 6.4.9 "Supplemental Fighter Pilot Aces"
    • 1946 charts
    • IJN Subron chart & tables
    • campaign reinforcement (9/45 to 12/46)
  • Adonard & Marcus maps (both on a letter size cardboard)
  • 5 countersheets ("extension", 17, 18, 19, 20 sheets)

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