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Volters Lead the Way!

Volters Lead the Way!

White Dog

  • £109.99

For 1-3 players, ages 10+, playing time is around 60-90 minutes.

The flashes of light from the explosions on Mars could be seen clearly in the night sky. Terror reigned on Earth as it became obvious that the solar system was under attack by an alien menace. If the general populace knew the true nature of the threat, their fears would have become almost incapacitating. Mars was under assault from alien beings who apparently have existed in the universe for trillions of years and have evolved over that period to become technologically superior to humans – as well as every other lifeform in the galaxy. This alien race had become known as the “Fermitians”, named after the astronomer Enrico Fermi and author of the Fermi Paradox. And that’s because these beings were essentially the answer to the paradox. They brazenly demonstrated that the reason we have been unaware of other alien species for so long is simply because the Fermitians have been exterminating them! And next on their “hit list” is humanity and its entire solar system. Their initial target was the newly populated planet of Mars, but there are also rumors that a secondary alien invasion fleet has been secretly deployed to seize a celestial body much nearer and dearer to Earthlings … the Moon.

The only force capable of dealing with this threat is the famed 324th Volter Regiment, an elite fighting formation that was created just for this kind of mission. With the support of the Starcruiser “Skybreach”, the Volters have been sent to Mars and the Moon to stop the Fermitians from destroying these critically important places with their Doomsday Devices. Can you put an end to this threat, Commander? It’s up to you…

Volters Lead the Way! is an exciting solitaire/cooperative game in which you, as the Commander of the 324th Volter Regiment, must lead your troops across the map board, defeat defending alien forces and stop the countdown that has been set in motion. If the Doomsday Device goes off, Mars and its colony settlements, or the Moon and its research stations, will be destroyed. Godspeed and good luck!

Volters Lead the Way! uses a unique "push-your-luck" game mechanic that drives the action and challenges you to balance risk and reward. The game is highly re-playable with two maps (Mars and the Moon), variable alien and terrain setups, nine types of alien units, four types of Volter units, customized Volter Companies and random events. The game includes three Scenarios each with three Difficulty Level options (Easy, Standard and Brutal). Though primarily a solitaire game, there are also 2-player and 3-player cooperative play options.

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