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Unicorn Glitter Luck Quartets Mini Game

Unicorn Glitter Luck Quartets Mini Game


  • £12.00

For 2-6 players, ages 4+, playing time around 10 minutes.

Unicornio Flash and his friends play families today! A family (quarteto) consists of exactly four equal cards. To obtain them you must always keep in mind what cards you have in your hand and ask your fellow players for the cards that you lack. If the player in question has the letter you are looking for, he has to give it to you. For each complete family, you receive a crystal cloud. Who will get more cloud crystals? The game ends when all families have been discarded. The player who has scored the most wins will win and, in case of a tie, there will be several winners. In the case of being 2 players, the game ends when a player has no more cards.

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