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Two-Fisted Tales: Ep2: Crisis at the World's Fair

Two-Fisted Tales: Ep2: Crisis at the World's Fair

Precis Intermedia

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Join the team of world-renowned TroubleShooters in Episode 2 of this serial adventure, Crisis at the World's Fair. Travel to the Chicago World's Fair and locate the celestial condenser...

The place is America, but not the America normally described in history books. This America is besieged by mad scientists, bizarre cultists, Oriental overlords, organized crime, and any other weirdness one can imagine. The year is 1933 and America is in the throes of a love affair with Science and Technology. The heroes portray a team of famous TroubleShooters, world-renowned for solving problems and cutting through the tangle of capricious fate.

This supplement for Two-Fisted Tales, the definitive role playing game of pulp action, can be utilized as a stand-alone adventure or as a single chapter in the ongoing story of the TroubleShooters.

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