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Troika!: Whalgravaak's Warehouse + complimentary PDF

Troika!: Whalgravaak's Warehouse + complimentary PDF

Melsonian Arts Council

  • £18.00

The interdimensional warehouse of the cruel wizard, Whalgravaak, towers over the bad part of Troika. Suddenly abandoned long ago, its vast store rooms are still full, watched over by dangerous interlopers and sinister hangers-on. What treasures await YOU in WHALGRAVAAK’S WAREHOUSE?

Whalgravaak’s Warehouse is the first book in our new series of “1:5 Troika Adventures”. Oozing with adventure, soaked in danger, a return to the rotten roots of British fantasy gaming! 

  • A traditional dungeoncrawl.
  • An emphasis on interconnected levels, nonlinear exploration, and resource management.
  • Over a dozen new enemies.
  • Scads of surreal encounters.
  • A horrible tale of logistics gone wrong!

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