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Troika! Academies of the Arcane

Troika! Academies of the Arcane

Melsonian Arts Council

  • £29.99

Learning is compulsory - if you want to survive!

Academies of the Arcane contains robust tools to create your very own magical school, the kind that provides the finest education one could hope to find among the myriad spheres beneath the hump-backed sky. Inside you'll find strange locales, mystical campus enclaves, fresh-faced and foolhardy students and their pedigreed houses, ever-scheming staff members trapped within the ivory tower of academia, and classes covering every topic a would-be sorcerer could dream of! Featuring 36 new Backgrounds, 90 Spells, ample advice for running the frivolous competitions of wizards and their brutal errantries to other worlds, this peerless tome has all you need to construct your ideal school of sorcery.

For use with the Troika! roleplaying game.

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