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Torpedo Raiders: Solitaire WW2 Air Combat Game, Advanced Edition

Torpedo Raiders: Solitaire WW2 Air Combat Game, Advanced Edition

Minden Games

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Torpedo Raiders, Advanced Edition is Vol. 2 of Minden's Battlegame book series, containing a solitaire World War 2 air combat game of strategy. Players take the role of a pilot in a variety of torpedo bombers (Fairey Swordfish, Nakajima B5N Kate, Douglas Devastator, Mitsubishi G3M Nell, Mitsubishi G4M Betty) and fly through dangerous flak and deliver its torpedo against enemy warships. Five historical scenarios are included: Taranto (1940), Bismarck (1941), Pearl Harbor (1941), Force Z (1941), and Midway (1942), plus advanced scenarios as well. All necessary rules (standard, optional, and advanced), game tables, and plane ratings are provided; all you need to supply is a regular deck of cards, and a six-sided die. Like all Minden designs, this game emphasizes playability and authenticity. Torpedo Raiders is small enough to be played almost anywhere. There is little set up time, and a single game can be played in a few minutes. (Historical scenarios--consisting of a series of games--vary in time, from less than an hour, to two hours). Designed by Gary Graber. Published by Minden Games.

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