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Torchbearer 2e Lore Master's Manual Supplement + complimentary PDF

Torchbearer 2e Lore Master's Manual Supplement + complimentary PDF

Burning Wheel

  • £21.50

Lore Master’s Manual Supplement
The third book in the Torchbearer 2nd Edition series provides a new stock, new classes, new monsters and tons of new rules to enhance your games.

We came up with so many new rules and ideas around the game that they wouldn't fit in two books. So we're offering a third book full of optional material for the game. It includes:
  • 272 pages, digest-sized (5.5" x 8.5")! Hardcover, linen wrap, swanky end papers, nice paper! 
  • New class: the thief, go from a knife-wielding cutthroat to the shadowy power that rules this town
  • New class:  the shaman, fueled by the Immortals of Beasts, channeling their wild power
  • New stock: the Troll Changeling; they're part troll, part human and all trouble
  • New conflicts: Banish, Abjure, Bind and Battle
  • New settlements like Borderland Fortress, Shire and Walled Town
  • Lots and lots of gear in a comprehensive list
  • Rules for making base camps—good for tackling those megadungeons. 
  • Economic rules so you can crash the economy of your town
  • Travel rules
  • Simple guidance on town adventures
  • More spells and invocations
  • More monsters!

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