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TimeWatch: The Book of Changing Years + complimentary PDF

TimeWatch: The Book of Changing Years + complimentary PDF

Pelgrane Press

  • £19.99

This book comes with a free PDF version courtesy of the publisher in conjunction with the “Bits & Mortar“ scheme. A link from which the PDF can be downloaded will be emailed to the address you enter at the checkout once we have confirmed payment, which will normally be within  2 working days* of receipt of orders for products that are currently in stock. (*not including Sundays or UK national holidays). PLEASE NOTE - you will need to enter a valid email address at checkout in order to receive the PDF.

Why are there too many cats in London in 1840 and no dogs at all, and how does that relate to the pyramids of Kush? Why is Edward V scouring the time lines for Caravaggios? Who time-pranked Alexander Graham Bell into thinking he'd heard spirit voices on his new invention? Fire up your autochron, unhook your tethers, and dive into the gaps between the chimes with The Book of Changing Years, showcasing a collection of time travellers' tales and curios put together on the quiet by agents of TimeWatch and secreted in an innocuous drawer in the Citadel - TimeWatch HQ- that also serves as in-world book of clues and mysteries for players of the TimeWatch RPG.

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