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Ticket To Ride Poland Expansion (Polish/ English Rules Included)

Ticket To Ride Poland Expansion (Polish/ English Rules Included)

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From the sea to the Tatra Mountains, like long and wide Poland, there are beautiful areas that are just waiting to be discovered. Do you want to observe the bison in the shadow of the Białowieża Forest? Or maybe you prefer to stroll around the charming streets of Wroclaw? Get on the train: Poland will take you on a unique journey into the past, during which you will play the role of a railway magnate from the previous century and contribute to the development of the rail network not only in the country, but also in neighboring countries.

Get on the train: Poland is an add-on designed for 2-4 people. The game takes place on a board with a map of Poland, and the participants' goal is to complete as many routes as possible. By building connections between cities, as well as connecting individual neighboring countries with each other, players are trying to gain a monopoly in the public transport segment. The earlier they manage to communicate two countries, the more points they will receive.

what is this about?

  1. At the very beginning of the game, players draw route cards. They indicate which two cities we should connect by an uninterrupted rail route. The longer the route, the more points will give us at the end of the game, but if we fail to complete it - it will bring us negative points! 
  2. During the game, participants choose colored wagon cards. They are the currency that allows us to build appropriate sections between cities. For example, to build a route between Płock and Kalisz, we need three orange cards, and between Gdańsk and Olsztyn - three black cards. 
  3. If at the beginning of your turn we have the right set of cards, we can spend them to put your carriages in the chosen place. Combining individual sections into longer routes, we try to realize as many tickets as possible. The player with the most points wins.

what makes this add-on different?

Each map in the Get on the train series has its own rules that influence the course of the game and the planning of moves. In the case of the map of Poland, this is to improve communication between neighboring countries. In addition to connecting cities, our routes can also reach border crossings, and thus connect neighboring countries. If we manage to create such a combination in our turn, we choose the top cards from the special stacks of both countries. Their point value is arranged in descending order, which means that players who are the first to pick cards can count on a higher point bonus.

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