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The Yellow King RPG: Shock Cards + complimentary PDF

The Yellow King RPG: Shock Cards + complimentary PDF

Pelgrane Press

  • £14.99

Apprehension, panic, terror, and collapsing causation!

This optional accessory allows The Yellow King Roleplaying Game GMs select and hand out Shocks during in-person play. Its card selection focuses on the varieties of fear and emotional disequilibrium most likely to afflict investigators into any reality-altering Carcosan mystery. Perfect for on-the-fly scenarios or abrupt sidetracks into hallucination and shattered consciousness. This deck assists GMs who prefer the solid slap of a physical card against the game table you can plunk before players when their characters stare into the uncanny and wish they hadn’t.

Please note – this deck only includes a selection of the most used cards, not a complete set of every card in the game.

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