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The Solo Wargaming Guide

The Solo Wargaming Guide

Precis Intermedia

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William Silvester

Can't find a tabletop wargame opponent?

This easily-readable guide provides the tools needed to undertake tabletop wargame campaigns without the need for other players. The guidelines presented within are designed to supplement your favorite wargaming rules set (not included). They can be bent or twisted, even broken and reformed, to suit a wargamer's needs. Novices and veterans alike can employ these ideas and innovations to further the thrill of pitting army against army without the need for another player. Features methodologies for campaigns (mobilization, weather, logistics, morale, alliances, revolts, sieges, and mutinies), sea campaigns, integrating fantasy, tactical actions (terrain, weather, commander's competency, concealment, ambushes, and minefields), and air warfare.

�Good stuff and contains a lot of interesting ideas. I recommend.�

�I like what I've read and it's given me some inspiration. The campaign system/guidelines/advice seems a bit different to the styles I've encountered before, in a good way.�

�Nice piece of work, simple solutions to problems far too many either ignore or fret about indepth and detail.�

�...this is a very good buy indeed, not only for solo wargamers but for any wargamer interested in adding some unpredictability to their game... A good purchase, well worth your money and, more importantly, your time.�

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