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The King Is Dead Cards and Booklets Box Set

The King Is Dead Cards and Booklets Box Set

Lumpley Games

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The king of Banteave, Eyvard III, high prince of House Dillestone and Sovereign of the Seaward Coast, has died without heir. Civil war is certain.

You’re a young warrior prince or warrior princess of one of the royal houses of Banteave. You’re caught up in this looming war of succession. To see your house exalted, you’ll have to fight and scheme, allying with your rivals and betraying your friends, falling in love with your enemies, daring danger, adventure, romance, and war.

You were born for this.

Fight with your friends. Ally with your rivals. Fall in love with your enemies.

To play, you’ll need 3–5 players, a copy of the playbook for each, and a deck of cards. 1-3 hours, ages 15+.

This boxed set includes 5 booklets plus four custom card decks:

  • The Sites & Strongholds Deck. Lay them out on the table at the beginning of play to create a visual touchstone for the geography of the game.
  • The Companies & Notables Deck. Play military companies and notable personages on the map to spark inspiration, signal your intentions, and raise the stakes.
  • The Intrigue & Muster Deck. When you play Intrigue & Muster, play your card out on the table to mark areas of conflict and create a visual record of ongoing events.
  • A custom-backed standard deck to complete the set.


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