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The Golden Sea deluxe map + complimentary PDF

The Golden Sea deluxe map + complimentary PDF

Rowan, Rook and Decard

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Eras ago, this was a city the size of a kingdom – a city that scraped the sky. Then the sands came: a dry ocean that washed away all but the tallest towers. The Crown, a cartel of merchants and mystics, rules the shifting sands.  You work for them.

Based on Grant Howitt’s 2016 one-page RPG, this 24″ by 36″ art print comes complete with all the rules, special equipment, enemies, insidious crystalline miracles, ill-boding omens and scenario generation tables from the original 2-page physical copy. It’s been beautifully illustrated by Galen Pejeau – all across it are little touches that shed light on the weird, post-apocalyptic, science-fantasy world of the Golden Sea.

Most importantly, it’s got a huge space in the middle where Galen has left barren dunes – a map. Upon this blank map, when you start your adventure and as you discover new settlements and locations, you’ll draw them onto the map, creating a permanent record of your campaign. The rich matt paper has been specially selected to take ink and pencil well without smearing.

If you’re not a natural artist, the map is lined with example locations that you can trim off and stick to the centre – and if you don’t want to cut up your poster, every poster comes complete with high-res colour/greyscale versions of the locations and character portraits that you can print out. (We also give you a colour image of the map that you can print out if you want to, say, have a practice run at cartography.)

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