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Call of Cthulhu Compatible: The Darkness in the Void

Call of Cthulhu Compatible: The Darkness in the Void

Stygian Fox

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My friends and crewmembers. Today is a great one for Galilee Heavy Industries. We have what could be a new Eden below us, and the profits to our masters and the Human Race will be great. We have some issues, however...."

Darkness in the Void
Set in the near future, Darkness in the Void is a short scenario for use with 7th edition Call of Cthulhu. This scenario is suitable for three to six players and can be completed in two nights. Humanity has explored much of the Solar System and has now set its sights on the mysteries that lie beyond.

First Contact Leads to Death and Disaster on a Strange Alien World

Galilee Heavy Industries has ordered the investigators (trained officers who work within their space program) to travel thousands of light-years from Earth, where one of their interstellar drones has discovered and begun exploring a habitable planet.

The scenario begins with the investigators awakening from suspended animation in the new system, far from home. The faster than light engines of the Pavel Sukhoi have carried the investigators across the void, powering down near a strange new world: Rizpah-160B. The planet holds mysteries and terrors the likes of which they have never dreamed of, or experienced in their worst nightmares.

The scenario is supported by 3 maps (including the map of the Pavel Sukhoi, new weapons, new skills and skill changes for use in outer space, 6 pre-gens, and two alien creatures.

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