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Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD Roleplaying Game: The Cursed Earth

Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD Roleplaying Game: The Cursed Earth

EN Publishing

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Outside the walls of the teeming metropolis known as as Mega-City One lays a vast, radioactive wasteland of lawlessness and lunacy knows as the Cursed Earth. Muties, dinosaurs and mad generals make their home out here...and other things to make even the toughest Judge flinch.

Out there, the Judges hold no sway, and desperados rule. The ruins of the American dream are sparkling slivers luring out treasure hunters, thieves, and exiles. One day, every Judge might take the Long Walk— a pilgrimage to Lady Justice seeking to bring law to this lawless land. The Old West was tame compared to the Cursed Earth, and even the worst habs of Mega-City One seem safe juxtaposed to the war-ravaged horrors waiting beyond the walls of civilization…

Are you foolish or brave enough to walk the Cursed Earth?

  • A full guide to the places and people that populate the blasted world left by the Atomic War.

  • Dozens of NPCs ready to challenge you players with might trickery, and sheer weirdness.

  • A detailed look at the Long Walk—a Judge’s final patrol.

  • Expanded rules for Mutants and mutations, along with new careers for those who live in the wastelands.

  • Two adventures—one for Judges and one for those who prefer to play as Mutants

  • More critters and varmints than you can shake a Lawgiver at.

  • And much more…

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