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The Clay that Woke

The Clay that Woke

Half Meme Press

  • £21.99

Minotaurs live in a human civilization sundered by a surreal, trackless jungle. Generations ago four infant minotaurs, a lost species, were pulled from the mud of the eternal river. Over centuries they develop a cultural philosophy to help them live among men: be contemplative, do not want, do not express your emotions, for breaking Silence in such a way is an expression of need. Be courageous. Act with wisdom. Work for justice. Do not use the names of women. 

We employ them for menial and dangerous work. Pulling plows. Guarding wealthy estates. And for brutal entertainments. We live in a civilization that may never be as great as it once was. 

The core mechanic is a oracle system that uses custom tokens to guide the outcome of situations in play. It's called The Krater of Lots. In certain situations the gamemaster and a player put some tokens in a bowl. The player draws out four and compares them to a menu of outcomes.

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