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Tenebria: Remnant of Rome - reduced

Tenebria: Remnant of Rome - reduced

Wet Ink Games

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Welcome to the end of the world...

Rome has fallen. As the West descends into chaos, refugees to the East are turned away at spear point. Warlords and would-be kings gather stragglers and former soldiers to their banners. Superstition, fear, and violence are commonplace. In this apocalypse, small pockets of civilization remain, guarded by those who would honor the best legacies of Rome. One such place is Tenebria.
Tenebria: Remnant of Rome is an epic historical setting for the +One tabletop RPG system. Join with your fellow survivors in the struggle to build a life from the carcass of a broken empire. Will you protect others with the strength of your arms? Outsmart your rivals with your superior intellect? Do you rely upon the protection of your faith? Perhaps you will reach for older beliefs--forbidden rituals and hexes that warp the minds of those who witness them. Whatever your method, you will need to find the resources to aid your survival, and then, just maybe, restore some of what was lost. 
If you believe that you're up for the challenge, gather your companions and venture forth. 
Fight. Scavenge. Survive.

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