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Tally Ho!

Tally Ho!

Minden Games

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Tally Ho!  is volume 5 in the Battle over Britain game series, covering North Africa, 1940-41. In addition, it contains warplanes and six other campaign games featuring Italy, Britain, Germany, the USA, Japan, AVG China, Poland, and the Netherlands from 1939-1942... 119 warplanes in all.  It also provides six new "stand alone" scenarios--a first for the system--such as Rommel himself trying to escape behind lines in a Storch, or a short campaign scenario pitting a single Chennault's Fighting Tiger (without spare parts) against the Japanese, or flying against an Me-109 on escort duty (rather than on its own), and more.  Also new is guidelines/formula for rating the value of warplanes yourself, based on game ratings, to allow for more in-depth comparison of aircraft.  
The game system is identical to and compatible with Battle over Britain. This 52-page full color, illustrated book includes standard rules, advanced rules, solitaire rules, and historical scenarios.  In fact, the aircraft and campaign games include those contained in Battle over the Pacific (Vol. 2), Faith, Hope & Charity (Vol. 3), and Flying Tigers (Vol. 4). (See descriptions below for details.) This edition is a handsome volume and comes with new North African and  Additional Plane counters, featuring aircraft new to the system, plus others such as the RAF Battle and Hudson, the Italian C-32 and SM-82, American P-38 Lightning, Australian Boomerang,  and German Storch and Ju-52 Tante Ju.  Also included is a "points system" for rating planes (or design-your-own scenarios), and new stand-alone game scenarios.  If you are new to the system, buying Tally Ho! means you do not need to purchase vols. 2, 3, and 4.  

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