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Tall Pines: Cyclopean Bluffs & Deep Space Monitors

Tall Pines: Cyclopean Bluffs & Deep Space Monitors

Self-Critical Hits

  • £9.50

A tragedy has befallen the sleepy mountain town of Tall Pines. One of its best and brightest a young local with a promising future has been killed. Murdered horribly in the prime of their youth. Together we will unravel the mystery of their death, discover what it means for our little town, and maybe even learn who committed the murderbut we may learn more than we ever wanted to know.

Tall Pines is a one-session, card-based story game where you'll discover, create, and explore a murder mystery set in a small mountain town. Three to six players will play through a tale in three acts, using the game cards to prompt exciting and enigmatic scenes, establish a shared language of surreal symbolism and metaphor, and reveal the secrets that the town and its people hide.

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