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SuperAge - reduced

SuperAge - reduced

Strange Machine Games

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SuperAge is a fully immersive, top down designed supers game built to emulate the action we see in TV shows, movies and comics. With dozens of pages of full color art, this book is beautiful. Since the emphasis is placed on comics and not characters, SuperAge provides a unique play experience. With dozens of powers and an intuitive and open ended character build system, you can build any type of super. SuperAge is easy to learn and plays very quickly. Rounds sometimes can last mere seconds, keeping you embroiled in action. The entire system has been designed top down. This means that all design aspects have been created to provide the best supers RPG experience. Using an Archetype-based build system, create your perfect hero. Forge a team with your friends and take on the villains. Or, create a team of villains and destroy the world. SuperAge is built to be different. It plays different and employs a design that is meant to provide that amazing comic feel we know and love.

The game includes:

  • Amazing and beautiful comic-esque art
  • Maps and a history of San Martine - aka Super City
  • 12 Fully developed Pre-Gen Heroes to play
  • 50+ NPC Supers to populate your world - Strong behind the scene villain actors
  • 80+ Powers, each with 3 levels of strength
  • Quirks to flush out your Super
  • Drawbacks to add comic interest
  • Quick and easy to learn action system
  • Multiple power-level play
  • Asymmetrical play

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