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Star Fleet Battles: Stellar Shadow Journal 1

Star Fleet Battles: Stellar Shadow Journal 1

Amarillo Design Bureau

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Improbable History, Impossible Technology, Unknowable Species, Unbuildable Ships, and More!

This is the exciting new magazine of everything that never happened in SFB but was fun so we printed it anyway!

Improbable History: Klingon Commander Tak Katak built a career on aggression, daring, and outright murder. Plus, Romulan Republicans target the corrupt praetor in "Assault on the Imperium."

New Paradigms: The heavy gunboats that could never be built are more deadly than you realized.

Far Empires: Can the Peladine resist conquest by the ferocious Lyran Far Stars armada?

The Mad Scientist's Workshop: Find out about the warp gyroscope, enhanced proximity fuze, plasma scatter gun, long-range bolts, starburst plasma, and the black hole asteroid gun.

Olivette Roche scared everyone with a show that presented a ship that could copy your own weapons and shoot them right back at you! Simulator Cinema sends B-24, B-25, and B-17 bombers to destroy you battle station.

Shipyard of the Bizarre has ships that never existed in the Star Fleet Universe. Here you will find the Federation Flatbed, Klingon D17 battlecruiser, Romulan SkyHawk-K, Kzinti command carrier, Gorn sector control ship, Lyran Quad-Cat new heavy cruiser, Andromedan Emulator, Maesron battleship, and Andorian Early dreadnought.

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