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Star Fleet Battles: R11: Support Ships

Star Fleet Battles: R11: Support Ships

Amarillo Design Bureau

  • £18.99

If this product is sold out, it might still be possible to order it in - assuming it is still in print and in stock at ADB. We place regular direct orders with ADB, so please get in touch via email if you would like to order it.

SUPPORTING FIRE Over 100 new ships to support your fleets in their wars of conquest and bitter defensive battles. Division Control Shis, Workboats, Light PFTs, Fast War Cruisers, Light Monitor; Fed CVA, NHA, POV, DWR, and FEX; Klingon AD5W; Gorn old survey ship; Seltorian large scout; Starship construction dock; Commo station; Andro Construction Base; Hydran Pegasus Survey; Tholian heavy web tender; Romulan Screech Owl; Lyran NTG; ISC Blockade Runner, and many many more. 108 counters (new generation graphics), 64 page rulebook with six scenarios; 96 page SSD book.

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