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Star Fleet Battles: O2: Reinforcements

Star Fleet Battles: O2: Reinforcements

Amarillo Design Bureau

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The Superpower Wars have brought an end to the mighty M�sron Alliance, reducing it to a tiny stronghold. Their former territory has been carved up by Koligahr Behemoth Carriers, Trobrin Torpedo Cruisers, Vari Battlewagons, Probr Dreadnoughts, Chlorophon Spore Cruisers, Drex Battle Carriers, Alunda Huntships, Hiver Jammers, and Loriyill Fireball Cruisers. Module Omega 2: Reinforcements, brings new terror to this sector of the galaxy in the form of:
Dreadnoughts: A new generation of powerful command ships.
Carriers: First the Alunda, then others adopt fighters, carriers, and escorts.
New Cruisers for special missions: Support, Defense, Command, and more.
Bases: Support your conquest of Omega with a variety of repair, resupply, mobile, and logistics bases and outposts.
Frigates: New types and variants; heavy, patrol, strike, leaders, and more.
Scenarios, 79 new SSDs, and 216 Counters complete the package.

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