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Star Fleet Battles: Module C3 - New Worlds III - 2017

Star Fleet Battles: Module C3 - New Worlds III - 2017

Amarillo Design Bureau

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Battle for Two Galaxies!

Meet the Seltorians and Lyran Democratic Republic in this newly revised (2017) module. New 280 countersheet. The Andromedans and WYNs get even more ships, too!

During the 2017 reprint of this countersheet, 64 counters were added for ships from Captain's Log and Module C3A.

The Seltorian Tribunal arrived from the Tholian Home Galaxy, ready to settle the score with their former masters who had fled to our galaxy. The Seltorians have 12 ships armed with particle cannons, web breakers, and shield crackers. Two new Tholian ships are introduced for battles in the Tholian Home Galaxy.

The Lyran Democratic Republic was once a province in the Lyran Star Empire. Now it is independent and its ships carry Gatling phasers along with other special features.

The Andromedans await the galaxy's puny assault forces as the Galactic Powers try to throw them out of the galaxy! Face their battle station, base station, ground bases, auxiliary sled ship, Missionary carrier, Exploiter heavy cruiser, Queen Snake cargo ship, PA mine, trans-captor, and temporal elevator.

The Usurper returns to reclaim his throne with the WYN Cluster' Barracuda, Mako, Orca, and Great White Shark warships.

The rulebook provides additional rules, ship descriptions, and scenarios for use in Star Fleet Battles. Matching ships are in the SSD book. You must have the SFB Basic Set in order to utilize this material. Most of the ships require the Advanced Missions set as well as Modules C1, C2, J, K, M, and X1, or the SFB Master Rulebook.


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