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Star Fleet Battles: J: Fighters (revised 2020)

Star Fleet Battles: J: Fighters (revised 2020)

Amarillo Design Bureau

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Wanna Dogfight?

Are you finding those pesky Hydran Stinger fighters a trial? Field your own fighters by using this newly revised (2020) module. (The counters remain the same.) Here you will find fighters along with their carriers and the escorts for those carriers. The empires included in this module are the Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Kzinti, Gorn, Tholian, Orion, and the Inter-Stellar Concordium. There are also specific auxiliaries which are used by the empires in this book, except for the Orions. There are also auxiliaries for the Hydrans and Lyrans.

This book includes rules for combat (including dogfighting), drones, and shuttles. Descriptions of the ships and fighters are included. The SSDs are also included.

The scenarios include the general scenarios Carrier Strike, Convoy Escort, Sink the FRD!, and Fighter Sweep. Historical scenarios include Tomcat Terror versus Gunboat Diplomacy (Federation and Klingon), The Cutlass Episode (Klingon and Kzinti), Tomcats over Leebyahh (Federation and Leebyahhn/Klingon), The Trojan Shuttle II, (Klingon and Kzinti), and Flight of the Archaeopteryx (Gorn and Romulan). Starswarm is a “monster” scenario. Piracy Patrol is a mini-campaign against the Orion Pirates. Carrier Duel is a mini-campaign that can be part of the full Carrier Group Campaign.

This product provides additional rules, ship descriptions, empires, and scenarios for use in Star Fleet Battles. You must have the SFB Basic Set to utilize this material. Most of the ships require the Advanced Missions set as well as Modules C1 and C2, or the SFB Master Rulebook.

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