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Star Fleet Battles: C6: Lost Empires

Star Fleet Battles: C6: Lost Empires

Amarillo Design Bureau

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Historically, the Carnivons were destroyed by the Kzintis and Lyrans, while the Paravians were accidentally made extinct by the Gorns. What if they had survived to the General War? This module includes 120 SSDs defining the ships they would have built, plus the rules for their advanced weapons and the battles they would have fought.

For the Carnivons, we provide two alternate histories based on actual events. The Carnivons almost united until the leader was assassinated. Two of their hordes were destroyed on the edge of the WYN cluster after considering a suicide dive into its radioactive walls. Either would have resulted in a real and very powerful Carnivon Empire that would have been unwilling to ally with either feline empire.

Paravian history also depends on a single leader, Marengo Firecloud Wildfeather, who (historically) tried to convince the other wing lords to stop raiding and start building colonies. Had he succeeded, the Paravians would have built an empire at the expense of the Gorns and ISC, and the ISC would never have become the peacemakers they historically were. While Marengo's campaign failed, he did build the remote colony of Wingatha, where those Paravians who survived the Gorn campaign gathered to decide their future. They could have built a world there and returned to raiding, but instead they headed for the Omega Sector.

Includes 122-page rulebook, 138-page SSD book, 280 die-cut counters.

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