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Splicers® is a science fiction role-playing game set on a devastated world where machines rule, and human beings are vermin who are hunted and exterminated. The human struggle is complicated by a nano-virus that instantly turns metal objects touched by human flesh into killing machines. Consequently, humans have been forced to turn to organic technology to battle the world-dominating machines if they hope to reclaim any portion of their planet back for themselves.

  • The human resistance, their genetically spliced weapons and power armor, secret cities and plans to retake their world.
  • The machine mind that rules from on high and commands its robot legions like a psychotic general.
  • The nano-plague and its ramifications.
  • Human O.C.C.s, strongholds and world background.
  • A stand-alone role-playing game heavy on science fiction.
  • Mega-Damage system - compatible with Rifts®, Chaos Earth®, and Phase World®.

Cat. No. 200 
Page Count: 224 pages. 
Cover: Mark Evans. 
Interior Art: Clark, Dudley, Walton, Okamura and others. 
Written by: Carmen Bellaire with additional text and rules by Kevin Siembieda.

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