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Sparks: A Game of Magical Girls

Sparks: A Game of Magical Girls

Twisted Die Productions

  • £17.99

Sparks is a game about playing magical girls (and sometimes boys), heroes of Light, love and inexplicable wardrobes. This book contains a complete playable setting and GM options to calibrate your level of play from completely family friendly to danger at every turn.

Become a Spark, empowered by Light and Hope and find out how far your heart can carry you.

Your friends are your strength. Together, you can overcome anything. You'll have to. The Dark won't stop until it has Harvested every last innocent and taken over the world itself. You are the Light thatprotects the hopes and dreams of everyone's heart.

But don't underestimate the mundane world, it's hard to fight the forces of evil when you're grounded! Better study hard if you want that grade, and make sure to leave time for your friends, because those who take Bonds for granted lose them. Can you conquer the Dark, protect your friends, and still get an A on that math final?

This game is intended to be family friendly, if the players can handle Sailor Moon, they can handle this. If you're looking for a more dangerous experience, use the GM dials to amp things up!

The sytem is rules light, using a single d8 for task resolution, the result modified up or down by aspects good and bad which define the character. The player has to choose to spend hope points to make the aspects active, but choose carefully, your hope points are also your defense against the attacks of the Dark!

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