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Sleeping Queens 2: The Rescue

Sleeping Queens 2: The Rescue


  • £21.99

For 2-5 players, ages 8+, playing time is around 20 minutes.

The Queens have awoken and journeyed back to their homeland! However, the Kings are in a perilous predicament and the Queens are called back to help! Rescue the companions from the forest, along with the Kings in this royal sequel to Sleeping Queens!

What’s in the box?

  • 40 Number Cards
  • 12 Queens
  • 10 Kings
  • 2 Turn Guides
  • 6 Wild Gnomes
  • 5 Switch Witches
  • 5 Sleeping Willows
  • 4 Spell Books
  • 10 Rescue Companions
  • 6 Knights and Stands
  • 1 Custom Die

How to play:

The Queens need to first find Rescue Companions hiding in the forest and then rescue the Kings. The first player to rescue the required number of Kings wins!

Turns are played in the following order:

  • Roll the die and depending on the result, draw that number of cards from the main deck or resolve the result of the image faces on the die
  • Play all Instant Action cards in any order you choose
  • Place any Number, Spell Book, and/or Queen cards face up in front of you to form your realm
  • Take one or more of the below actions, in any order you choose:
    • Make a math equation with your number cards to take a face-down rescue companion from the middle
    • Play a pair of number cards to wake up all of your sleeping queens
    • Play a Spell Book to look through the discard pile and take one number card
    • Rescue a king with a queen and matching rescue companion
  • Discard down to five or fewer cards

To summon a Rescue Companion, you must make a math equation using the Number cards in your realm. You can use any combination of Number cards to make any kind of equation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).

To rescue a King, you must play a Queen and their matching Rescue Companion. Once you have both a Queen and a Companion with the same symbol, take the following steps during your turn:

  1. Place the Queen on top of the discard pile
  2. Return the Rescue Companion face up to the center grid
  3. Take any one King card from the middle and place it off to the side in your realm

The game ends immediately when one player has rescued the following number of kings:

  • 2 players = 4 kings
  • 3-4 players = 3 kings
  • 5 players = 2 kings


Reinforces math skills in a fun and easy environment!

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