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Shadowrun: Runners Toolkit: Alphaware

Shadowrun: Runners Toolkit: Alphaware


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Runner's Toolkit: Alphaware has detailed characters, a full campaign, increased rules options, and more to make the shadows of the Sixth World even more exciting! Alphaware contains:

Fully detailed character booklets for Sledge, Coydog, Hardpoint, and Gentry, providing more detailed character statistics, background information, preferred tactics, and a solo adventure for each character.
Rules of the Street, a rulebook with more spells, more guns, more combat options, and more everything that makes Shadowrun great!
Plots and Paydata, a book with a collection of fully detailed adventures, a trove of non-player characterse, and hooks for future adventures.
Eight double-sided maps to help players and gamemasters track the action
And more tools to make playing and running the game easier and more fun!



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