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Scion 2nd Edition - Book Three: Demigod

Scion 2nd Edition - Book Three: Demigod

Onyx Path Publishing

  • £46.00

The Gods made your World, and one way or another, they made you. Every God was once mortal. You stand at the threshold of humanity and divinity and cross over into the lands beyond the World. As the Titans rattle their cages, and you confront your own mortality, you live your myth, and you shed your mortality. Win or lose, the people will speak of your Legend forever more. Scion: Demigod presents the next stage in a Scion’s evolution with new pantheons, expanding upon setting elements and systems, and giving Storyguides and players a guide for massive setpiece fights in the Storypath system. It also gives guidance on how to play through the requisite Milestones to reach Godhood and claim your character’s birthright.  This book includes:Divinity dice, collateral damage rules, and Dominion Boons to showcase your character’s power. Demigod-level expansions for Birthrights. Five new pantheons — Mesopotamian, Incan, Polynesian, Slavic, and Mongolian, all suitable for parentage of your Scion. Storyguiding advice on how to play the ascent to apotheosis and becoming a God.

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