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Salerno (Variable Combat System)

Salerno (Variable Combat System)

Multi-Man Publishing

  • £44.99

For 1-4 players, ages 12+, playing time around 240 minutes.

The 1943 World War II Allied invasion of Italy. The first game in the new series, Variable Combat System.

Players take their choice of the Western Allies or the German forces and recreate the operations that took the war to the Italian mainland.
Two medium sized mapsheets containing three areas connected by movement tracks join three operations designed to push the German armies out of Italy.
System uses a chit pull combat method that enhances the challenge of combat. Limited knowledge of exact enemy strength make planning combat an undetermined affair, as it always is, and the job of commander more demanding than ever.

Three alternate history scenarios accompany the overall historical campaign and an invasion only short game.
The game length is 18, 1/2 day turns.

Support point driven system with 6 levels of terrain. Rules include naval gunfire, radio controlled guided missiles, bridge, road and port demolition, rubble, port assault, entrenchments, strategic movement, variable reinforcement, beach assault, commandos, paratroops, ranged artillery, air power, combined arms, divisional integrity, elevation shifts, sea movement and replacements.

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