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Rifts World Book 33: Northern Gun One

Rifts World Book 33: Northern Gun One


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The largest independent manufacturer of weapons, robots and adventure gear in North America is Northern Gun . Located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, they have been the premier outfitter of mercenaries and adventurers for decades, and are a major hub for hiring military contractors. With a whole new product line to offer their customers, the future looks bright for Northern Gun . The arms giant Northern Gun profiled for the first time! The Kingdom of Ishpeming, a puppet-state propped up by NG. Full 109 P.A. catalog of Northern Gun products! New weapons, power armor, vehicles, robots and adventure gear. The Ishpeming military, essentially a framework for hiring mercenaries and privateers. The NG Bounty Board, the largest collection of bounties and mercenary contracts anywhere on Rifts Earth. Hover trains, supply ships and sales outlets. Northern Gun's relationship with the Coalition States, Triax Industries, the Black Market and others. Written by Matthew Clements. Interior Artwork by Nick Bradshaw, Chuck Walton and others. 160 pages.

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