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Rifts: Dimension Book 11: Dyval

Rifts: Dimension Book 11: Dyval


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Covering the Deevil's home dimension of Dyvel, this book introduces all new monsters, weapons, spells, and artifacts. Including the second part of the epic adventure Minion War.

The Deevils and monsters of Dyval have been part of Palladium role-playing games for 25 years. Now, for the first time ever, we go to the fiery pits of Hell to explore the demons' home dimension, the evil denizens who populate it, and their plans for conquest and war across the Megaverse.

A stand-alone sourcebook designed for use in Rifts', Rifts' Chaos Earth', Phase World', and Heroes Unlimited', but is easily adapted to the Palladium Fantasy RPG', Beyond the Supernatural' and all other Palladium games.

Rifts' Dyval also continues the epic, five book crossover adventure theme called the Minion War.

# The realms of Dyval mapped and described. # Non-Deevil Minions including the insectoid Cryxon, Dragon Shock Troopers, Bonelings, Devil Worm, Ice Golem, and others. # The Nexus Deevil, Deevil Dragon and Ice Wraith, among others. # Beasts of War such as Flying Horrors, Infernal Sprite, and more. # Journey through the Realms of the Deevil Lords, the Great Dyval Desert, the Frozen Wastes and other places. # Magic weapons, spells and artifacts. # The Minion War: Dyval's retaliation against incursions from Hades. # A stand-alone Dimension Book that is also the second step in an epic, five book trans-dimensional adventure we're calling the Minion War'. # Impressive artwork by Russell, Dubisch and others. # Cover painting by John Zeleznik. # Written by Carl Gleba. # 192 pages

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