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Rifts Chaos Earth Sourcebook: Resurrection

Rifts Chaos Earth Sourcebook: Resurrection


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In the shattered depths of Wisconsin, survivors are besieged by the dead come back to life. Zombies. But not just any type of zombie, zombies done Rifts-style. And unless the source of the zombie plague can be found and neutralized by NEMA defenders, North America may be overrun by the dead. This was actually something Taylor White and I have been kicking around for years, even before we released the Dead Reign' RPG line. We think you'll love it. Something has animated the dead in Wisconsin. It is up to NEMA heroes to find the cause and stop it before it spreads beyond control. Scrap Zombies of all types. Snatcher Ghouls, Carrion Cleaners, Screaming Puppet Ghosts, Sour Maggot Parasites, and other monsters. The Zombie Pox and other dangers. Setting background, adventure and adventure idea table. Written by Taylor White.

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