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Remember Tomorrow

Remember Tomorrow

Box Ninja

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Remember Tomorrow is a role-playing game set in the near future. Look at the world today, now flash it forward twenty minutes into the future. Sky Cars: Check. Memory Couriers: Check. Everything Else: Slightly Changed, huh, how about that?

Remember Tomorrow is set in a place called Somewhere. Maybe it was once Glasgow, Milan, Reno, Auckland or Hong Kong. Everywhere in the world is Somewhere. Are you Ready, Willing and Able?

It's a quick and dirty near-future 'cyberpunk' game that features: easy character generation; an ensemble cast of PCs and Factions; goal-oriented stories built in play; GMless, scene-based resolution. What is it? It's a short read, as you'd expect for the price point, and the world is lightly pencilled: it's yours to make. What it does do is provides a framework for Story Now play, where players take it in turns to be in Control of the scenes. It's a toolkit for making near-future stories reflecting the short stories and novels of Gibson, McAuley, Noon et al.

Author Gregor Hutton says: 'Play is more like flying into London from Zurich, heading to a Chop Shop on the Edgware Road (say Little Cyprus, near Camden) and getting made to look like some Dealer's long-lost girlfriend. Of course, when the hit goes wrong the Swiss Pharma Corp that hired you in the first place double crosses you. Did I mention that the Dealer you just tried to kill is another PC? And he thinks you know what the Pharma Corp did to his girlfriend? And you're only doing the job because you're Dying of a neural condition and your Goal is to get cured, right?'

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