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Punk's Been Dead Since '79

Punk's Been Dead Since '79

Saturday Morning Games

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Players are punks in the 1990s and early 2000s. Their life revolves around going to Shows and living the Scene. The game is about finding your place in a world that hates anything different, finding an identity in a society that craves conformity, and finding yourself in a subculture that can’t make up its mind about what it wants to be.

It’s about small towns full of religious extremists, violent rednecks, and equally violent punks. It’s about going to the American Legion Hall every other month in hopes of seeing Public Urine Nation play a set. It’s about making friends who understand your struggles. It’s about all these things and more. Yours for the low, low price of buxtwobux.

Content Warning: Adult language. Descriptions of violence, sexuality, and fascism.


Eff this town, man.

You've got a 20 minute drive to the nearest mall. It’s got a population of 3200, but only on fridays during football season. There are 13 churches within a half mile of the town center. The nearest city with more than 10,000 people is an hour's drive away. There are 5 other punks in town and none of you really get along. But you have to complain to someone about the normals, so you still hang out with each other. Everything about this town sucks, except that every other month or so, there's a punk show at the American Legion Hall over in West Unity. Or at the Leininger's Barn on County Road 12. Or in the vacant lot behind the Sunoco station in Ridgeville Corners.

Those shows are what keep you going. They let you survive in this flat, unforgiving, inoffensively boring town. They're the lifeblood of anyone who doesn't fit the perfect little mold that this town tries to force everyone into.

Like the man from Bremerton said, "We ain't got no place to go, so let's go to the punk rock show."

From the author of a bunch of stuff you’ve never heard of (because it never got published), and possibly some stuff you might have heard of (if you ever played Dime Stories), comes a game about growing up in the darkest heart of the American Midwest.

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