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Poor Bloody Infantry: Campaign Expansion

Poor Bloody Infantry: Campaign Expansion

Minden Games

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Minden GamesPoor Bloody Infantry: Campaign Expansion provides more scenarios, more rules, more counters, and more ways to enjoy the standard PBI system. Fully compatible with PBI: Somme. In fact, you must own PBI: Somme to use this expansion. Here's what's included...

You get an eight-page illustrated rule booklet that contains seven additional historical scenarios; two new counter sheets with more men, more markers, and two new counter types (Captains and Shell Holes); a Reference Card; and additional optional rules (such as Heavy Mud, Variable Reshuffling, and new rules for shell holes, among others). There is also a grand campaign game, utilizing 14 of the scenarios linked together, as well as a Company Game (play a single scenario four times, one per platoon in your company). There are enough individual soldiers--using men from this expansion, along with those from PBI: Somme--to form an entire company of 180 individual soldiers (with men left to spare). Finally, notes about British Army organization in 1916, and a section devoted to Battle Plans and Combat Details provide you with background information to help bring the game (and history) alive.

With this expansion, you will have scenarios covering each of the fourteen British divisions involved on the first day of the Big Push. To quote from the Designer's Notes: �After years of contemplating this offensive, I still cannot come to grips with this, largely, citizen army making such a frontal assault into the face of an entrenched defender possessing modern weaponry. If PBI helps bring the magnitude of the staggering losses of July 1st home to you, it will have achieved one of my design goals.�

If you are a solitaire gamer who who appreciates a good blend of playability, historicity, and emotion in a design, why not order PBI: Campaign Expansion to go along with PBI: Somme, and experience the advance toward destiny on your table top.

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