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Paris Gondo - The Life-saving Magic of Inventorying Book Only

Paris Gondo - The Life-saving Magic of Inventorying Book Only

The Rolistes

  • £12.00

What if Marie Kondo advised murder hoboes?

This game is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to encumbrance rules and other tropes found in beloved dungeon-crawling games.

It is a GM-less storytelling game for 3 to 6 players, designed to be played in a few hours with polyhedral dice and no preparation.

Players in this game embody Adventurers who have reached the last level of a Dungeon and defeated the Boss who presided over it.

Play starts as Adventurers discover Loot you create. The objects you decide your Adventurer carries home makeup what you pack as their Final Inventory.

If Adventurers hold on to possessions that spark joy, they might feel invigorated and satisfied for the rest of their existence, or at least until their next adventure. But letting go of less emotionally charged but useful Belongings might prove to be a deadly mistake for the Party on their Journey Home.


Rulebook: Manga-inspired PUR bound booklet, size B6 (125mm x 176mm). Color dust cover with 70 pages black & white interior. Cover and interior art by Bodie Hartley.

Digital content: QR code for a digital copy of the rulebook, links to ready-to-play Miro board and material to easily play online.

NOT INCLUDED: Adventurer Card Decks, Play-aids, dry-erase pen and a handful of sparked-joy pebbles. See "Full Boxset" for the version of the game including these items.


A game designed by Kalum from The Rolistes Podcast.
Rules Editor: Chris S. Sims.
Graphic design: Francita Soto and Kalum
Art by Bodie Hartley

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