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Panzer Grenadier: North of Elsenborn

Panzer Grenadier: North of Elsenborn

Avalanche Press

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Scenario Pack from Avalanche Press
In September 1944, American troops rolled up to the German border having driven the fleeing Wehrmacht across France and Belgium. With the German Army crumbling, it appeared that the war might soon be over. But with a line of well-built fortifications and rapidly-deployed if raw reinforcements, the Germans stabilized their positions and would extend the war for another nine months. Just south of the city of Aachen and just north of what would become the Elsenborn Ridge battlefield, the U.S. VII Corps attacked the German fortified line. Tanks of the 3rd Armored 'Spearhead' Division steadily fought their way forward, backed by the veteran foot soldiers of the 1st and 9th Infantry Divisions. But fierce counterattacks finally blunted the advance; a full-scale invasion of German territory would have to wait until spring.

North of Elsenborn is a supplement for the Panzer Grenadier series. There are ten scenarios, or separate game situations, based on the battles of September 1944 between VII Corps and the German Seventh Army. This module is not playable by itself, but requires ownership of our Elsenborn Ridge and Battle of the Bulge games.

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