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Demonstration copy available in-store - come and try this game out before you buy it!

For 2-4 players, ages 5+, playing time around 15 minutes.

Mrs. Plumpert’s prized pot pie has gone missing and it’s now a chicken chase to crack the case!

You’ll have to work together quickly because the guilty fox is high-tailing it towards the exit!

Will you halt the hungry hooligan before it flies the coop… or will you be Outfoxed?

What’s in the box?

  • 16 suspect cards
  • 16 thief cards
  • 12 clue markers
  • Four detective hat pawns
  • Three custom dice
  • One fox figurine
  • One clue decoder
  • One game board

How to play:

Once the game has been set up, it’s the player who last ate pie who gets to start the game!

On your turn, take the three dice and before rolling, say out loud whether you will be ‘Searching for Clues’ or ‘Revealing Suspects’. If all three dice show the icon that match your choice after three rolls – footprint symbol for clues or eye symbol for suspects – you may perform the following action:

  • Search for Clues: Move your detective pawn up the board. If you land in a space that contains a paw print, draw the top clue marker and place it in the clue decoder. If the colour showing through the hole on the marker is red, you have discovered a clue as the thief is wearing that item. If it is red, the thief is not wearing the item – eliminate any face up suspect cards that do not match the description.
  • Reveal Suspects: Reveal two facedown suspect cards, then look at the face up clue markers that are on the board and check if they are wearing any of those items.
    If the three dice do not match the action that you chose by your third roll, the thief moves three spaces closer to the foxhole.

The game can end in one of three ways:

  • You have a strong suspicion of who the guilty fox is – name the suspect out loud, if it is correct, you have caught the thief and won! If it isn’t correct, the thief has escaped, and you have lost.
  • You eliminate all but one suspect cards – remove the thief from the decoder, if it matches you have won!
  • The fox escapes via the foxhole and you have therefore lost.


Outfoxed reinforces cooperation, deductive reasoning and visual discrimination. There are also two variants available for when you want more of a challenge!

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