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Oubliette Second Edition (Fate Core)

Oubliette Second Edition (Fate Core)

Voidspiral Entertainment

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Oubliette. A dungeon with no way out. A place to put things to forget about them. A grand castle filled with destitute immortals. A world that is heaven, hell, or something in between.

Throughout the ages, the power of belief has waned for certain subjects. Forgotten, they disappear from our world. But where do they go? What do they do when they get there? Oubliette is the story of these forgotten beings and fell powers.

  • Uncover a twisted world where all myths are true
  • Come to grips with immortality and eternity
  • Find something to fight for
  • Explore predatory libraries, man-eating forests, lakes of mercury, black-market magic markets, and eons of forgotten labyrinths
  • Transform from a serf to a dragon
  • The Book
  • Complete Fate Core rules for Oubliette
  • Powered by Fate Core
  • Massive index with more than 1300 pre-generated & topical Aspects
  • 17 detailed racial groups
  • More than 160 unique and specific story hooks
  • 22 factions deeply integrated into the history of the Castle
  • 14 entire districts of unusual and fantastical lands
  • More than 430 pre-generated Stunts
  • Bestiary with more than 250 denizens of Oubliette
  • Includes a huge anthology of short stories set in Castle Oubliette
  • Narrative-driven gameplay
  • Story-oriented NPC/Creature creation rules
  • Includes a Legendarium, Chronicle, & Glossary
  • Creature lists organized by race, faction, caste, and skill focus
  • Exactly one reference to Tina Fey's hit film, Preen Girls.
  • Lots of words
  • Several numbers

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