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No Future 1: The Five Techniques + complimentary PDF

No Future 1: The Five Techniques + complimentary PDF

Porcupine Publishing

  • £8.50

Ciaron played bass for The Gutters. Now he's dead, so you're headed to his home town for the funeral and to play a gig in his memory. You're going to see where he grew up. He hailed, it turns out, from a village in south Armagh, where soldiers and paramilitaries contend for control of the roads and fields. And not far from the village something strange and ancient stirs. All that blood, it had to go somewhere.

"The Five Techniques" is the debut edition of No Future, a zine from the Pent-Up Press imprint containing a new 1970s punk-scene Lovecraftian RPG scenario in each issue. It provides mechanical support for Cthulhu Dark and GUMSHOE. 

Content warnings: violence, body horror, reference to torture


I recently finished an excellent three-session run of the zine with four players, and this is my review: The Five Techniques is equal parts raucous, brooding, tense and politically astute. With a brash and colourful but GM-friendly layout and studiously helpful supporting materials, the vibrant radicalism of 70s Punk clashes and fuses with the simmering violence of the Troubles and something old and sinister beneath. (scrivenersmith)

Perfect aesthetics. This is one of those 5/5 would buy again type of deals. Worth every penny. (Petri Leinonen)

Requires Cthulhu Dark or Trail of Cthulhu to play

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