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Nightbane: World Book 4 - Shadows of Light

Nightbane: World Book 4 - Shadows of Light


  • £18.99

The forces of Light and Darkness clash as never before in the modern setting of the Nightbane® RPG.

    • More info on the Lightbringers, Nocturnes, and other factions.
    • Fallen Guardians and the mystery of the Reapers.
    • Psychic Agents and new psionic powers.
    • Introducing the angel-like Athanatos.
    • The vampire conspiracy and an outline for adventure.
    • 11 (optional) O.C.C.s, many are part of Project Pandora.
    • Astral Realm of Tophet and city of Pittsburgh, NPCs and more.
    • 160 pages – Cat. No. 734.

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