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Mythras Combat Cards

Mythras Combat Cards

Aeon Games

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Mythras Combat Cards offers a new way for handling Combat Special Effects in your Mythras games. Each card describes a specific effect, along with an evocative illustration to help visualise the action. Players and Games Masters can hold either a full deck, or simply choose a hand reflecting favoured or appropriate effects as needed.

Each card is colour coded to show if it is offensive, defensive, or both, and easy to understand icons show appropriate weapons and other modifiers, such as if an effect is Critical only.

Also provided are cards representing Luck and Action Points, plus markers for different combat conditions.

Each deck of cards comes with a free PDF instruction guide which can be downloaded instantly.

Please note you will need to create an account on the Aeon Games website and then contact them directly by email (via the "contact us" link on the Aeon Games website) in order to receive the downloadable PDF.

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