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Mythras: Mythic Constantinople + complimentary PDF

Mythras: Mythic Constantinople + complimentary PDF

The Design Mechanism

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Mythic Constantinople describes the largest, wealthiest, most cosmopolitan, most important and most contested city of the medieval world. Bridging Europe and Asia, by the 15th Century Constantinople is vibrant, decadent, pious and alluring. A melting pot of cultures and non-human species, the Ottoman Empire waits for its moment to conquer this last bastion of the Roman Empire in the East. Within, the Christian Orthodoxy rubs shoulders with mighty Islam while the pagan cults go about their business in the shadows. This book is packed with detail on life in Constantinople - its factions, religions, institutions, guilds and military orders. Detailed character creation covers the major European nations of time, and even the city itself comes alive through countless scenario seeds, non-player characters and random events.

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